Life is short, spoil your dog.

Treat your pet like Royalty.


Crowned Canines, Dog Grooming Spa & Boutique


You can expect a one on one experience, where the groom is not rushed to perform quantity but is completed at a relaxing pace, dedicated to your pet to achieve quality.

We are a calm, cage-free spa located in the heart of Streetsville. Your special friend will be royally spoiled to a day at the spa in a more relaxing and caring environment. They will not experience the anxiety of going to a busy grooming salon with many other dogs. Your pet will always receive extra quality and care, as if they were a member of our own family.



“Our cakes are soft, grain free cakes (like what people would eat, but for dogs!) Cakes are approximately 2"-3" in height. We use cream cheese icing or peanut butter icing and food colouring to tint our "icing" based on your request. We make our treats with human grade ingredients limited to 6 ingredients or less.
No Wheat. No Corn. No Sugar. No Salt.” -
Beagle Bakery


We provide a state of the art groom that suits your pet’s unique personality. 

Royally pamper your pet with our spa packages or tailor your bath or groom with our spa treatments and a la carte menu for your special pet.





We take precaution to ensure your pet is completely comfortable to make their visit an enjoyable one. We NEVER use sedation! Our personalized approach to grooming allows you and your pet to feel secure in knowing they are receiving the finest care by experienced professionals.


 Teeth Cleaning With PlaqClnz Spray And Gel

“The pet oral cleansing system designed for dogs and cats of all ages.

PlaqClnz Spray and Gel are the only alcohol free pet oral care products that can help reduce plaque and tartar. They contain natural ingredients including Zinc complex, which can help stop odor formation and interferes with tartar growth.

You’ll find PlaqClnz Gel affordable easy and comfortable to use thanks to its neutral pH and taste-free formula. Even the most finicky dogs and cats will accept PlaqClnz.” - PlaqClnz


Puppy Gang Fresh Foods

“Our products have been specifically developed in consultation with a certified holistic veterinarian to provide your dogs with healthy meals and the balance of nutrients they need. We use antibiotic and hormone free meats and our meals are free from fillers, artificial and processed ingredients.” - Puppy Gang Fresh Foods



My pug is a regular customer, Straight forward service. Make an appointment, you’re in and you’re out.. better quality work than PetSmart and more affordable in my opinion. Staff is helpful and understanding of both dogs and owners.
— Sandoandjeans
Picked up my daughter’s dog last Saturday and over lunch on Sunday, my children talked about how good he looked. My own dog was envious. Kobe have been going to Naomi since he was a puppy.
— Ramon P.

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