Crowned Canines is a professional grooming spa servicing Mississauga and the GTA.

We are a calm, cage-free spa located in the heart of Streetsville. Your special friend will be royally spoiled to a day at the spa in a more relaxing and caring environment. They will not experience the anxiety of going to a busy grooming salon with many other dogs. Your pet will always receive extra quality and care, as if they were a member of our own family. You can expect a one on one experience, where the groom is not rushed to perform quantity but is completed at a relaxing pace, dedicated to your pet to achieve quality.


The bond created by repeat visits to our spa will lead to a more satisfying experience for you and your beloved pet.

Our personalized approach to grooming ensures your pet is always comfortable with us. We will also work with difficult pets that require the royal experience. We understand that their aggression, nervousness or frustration is just a result of stress or having visited many different groomers.

As the foundation of our company values, your dog will not be rushed through the grooming procedure, your dog will not be in a kennel all day, or left alone at any point while on the grooming table.

We all share the same understanding; that your pet is an important and cherished member of your home.


Whether they have been playing in the mud, been through a stressful week or simply need some fun and pampering, Crowned Canines has the perfect royal experience to offer.

Our upscale Boutique has a large selection from gourmet treats to personalized bling collars. Your pet will be the talk of the town after a spa day at Crowned Canines.